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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Satin scarf braid out: 4 cornrows

So if you didnt see my very first satin scarf braid out check that out..its 2 posts previous to this one. Recap: for the 8 braid braid out i did braids and didn't like it very much.
---so this time i did cornrows straight downwards with only 4. first i dampened my hair with a conditioner water mix and than braided it..I woke up and removed them...

Love the results:)..dont really know if i will do this more than a plain wash and go because the curls kinda look the same with both styles, however, the braid out is more tame. i like how i can wake up and go with the braid out but i have a hard time cornrowing because of my very long acrylics:/...also i like to do my hair in the mornings lol...tell me what you think..btw this is a pic from my april favorites vid on youtube..check it out:)

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