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Monday, January 30, 2012

New Jewelmint piece I love

Rose Palace Dome Ring
I love this ring so much, I think its so cute. I love the colors and how bulky it is. Its silver and is very heavy, with rows of pink purple and hot pink on the sides. The huge rhinestone on the top is a very unique color I have never seen as a rhinestone before. Its a rose gold peachy shade, which is so pretty. This ring reminds me of a class ring you would get from highschool but super glamorous.
I would wear this ring as i would a cocktail ring. I love how elegant and fashion forward this ring is. I would be able to wear it to a nice dinner, to the club or even to spice up my daytime outfit. This ring is from jewelmint and if it is your first time ordering you can use the coupon code icejm for 50% off your first order. Usually $29.99 each. This is a subscription website so you are charged monthly unless you skip a month. I absolutely love jewelmint pieces because they are such good quality. 


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FOTD 1/30/2011 "Feeling Snazzy"

Feeling Snazzy

I decided to wear my hair in a bun today. I have shea butter and mousse in my hair. This is third day hair(meaning the last time I washed it was 3 days ago.) 

I slicked my hair into a high ponytail. After that I gathered it all to one side and made it into a bun. Learned how to do this from a fellow Youtuber :

I used the clear ECO STYLER gel to slick down my baby hairs and fly aways.

Makeup: I was inspired by
to really use my makeup. She posted a video " tricks to get hired at MAC " which inspired me to want to work at MAC again.So I practiced a look that I would do to fill an application on.

I used the new 24hr maybelline shadow creams as a base.(The gold one) On top I used MACs Melon pigment for the inner corner about half way in and MACs eyeshadow in Shock-O-Holic for the outter corner and crease.

For more definition I used a dark indigo color from my Coastal scents 88 original palette in my deeper crease as well as my lower lash line. If I was going to MAC to apply for the job I would add black to the crease or a deep purple like sketch from MAC.

 On my lips I used ELFs "sociable" lipstick. Theyre only $1! Its a very hot pretty pink.
 Some videos you can watch:

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cheap jewelry for sale

 colors available:black w/ and brown is sold out
item number:2000

 colors available:black, white, brown,teal,red,, deep green
item number:2001

 colors available:white, brown, purple, blue, teal, red, (color you see in pic is sold out)
item number:2002

 colors available:brown. black, purple,grey,teal, green,red
item number:2004

 colors available:silver, gunmetal. gold
item number:2005

 colors available:black, brown, beige
item number:3000

 colors available:white black purple red brown(turquoise sold out)
item number:2006

 colors available:black,green,blue,purple,red,deep red, multi color
item number:3001

item number:2007

 colors available: silver, gold
item number:1000

 colors available:turquoise
item number:3002

item number:3003

item number:1001

colors available: amber
item number:1002

Brazillian hair for sale!

                                                                     (brazillian wavy)
I am also selling Brazilian STRAIGHT hair. in:
ALSO: the Brazilian wavy is now available to start purchasing as well. it will come to your doorstep aprox. 2 weeks after purchase, thank you.
Here are the prices:

shipping- $5 flat
***email me at or leave a comment here of your paypal address and what exactly you would like so i can invoice you. Please pay within 24 hrs the the invoice will be dropped. 
Important links:
Here is a video of my outfit of the day with this hair installed as a wig:
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