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Monday, January 30, 2012

FOTD 1/30/2011 "Feeling Snazzy"

Feeling Snazzy

I decided to wear my hair in a bun today. I have shea butter and mousse in my hair. This is third day hair(meaning the last time I washed it was 3 days ago.) 

I slicked my hair into a high ponytail. After that I gathered it all to one side and made it into a bun. Learned how to do this from a fellow Youtuber :

I used the clear ECO STYLER gel to slick down my baby hairs and fly aways.

Makeup: I was inspired by
to really use my makeup. She posted a video " tricks to get hired at MAC " which inspired me to want to work at MAC again.So I practiced a look that I would do to fill an application on.

I used the new 24hr maybelline shadow creams as a base.(The gold one) On top I used MACs Melon pigment for the inner corner about half way in and MACs eyeshadow in Shock-O-Holic for the outter corner and crease.

For more definition I used a dark indigo color from my Coastal scents 88 original palette in my deeper crease as well as my lower lash line. If I was going to MAC to apply for the job I would add black to the crease or a deep purple like sketch from MAC.

 On my lips I used ELFs "sociable" lipstick. Theyre only $1! Its a very hot pretty pink.
 Some videos you can watch:

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